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Wimborne White


“Wimborne White” made in the style of Traditional Modern (Modern Classics).

The classical base – walls, floor, and ceiling are combined with modern furniture, lamps and decor. According to this design technique, the classic finds a completely new, modern interpretation. A lot of white color to make the room even more airy and spacious and the overall composition is cleaner. The second leading color is marine, it adds the necessary contrast to the main color palette of the house. This main color scheme is applied in all rooms. The dining area is solved with oriental notes, which can be traced in the wall painting and create a chamber atmosphere.

Here used all  classical materials inherent to this style  – wooden wall panels, white marble, Venetian plaster, velvet.

And, of course, it was impossible to do this interior without attracting the world’s best furniture factories and brands, such as Minotti, Manzoni, Pelle, who most successfully reveal all the design message in the style of Modern Classics.

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