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Savage Ground


The Savage Ground project – this is a spirit of wild nature, steeped in strict forms of designer objects. Every detail conveys special emotion: marble columns are power and strength, crystal reflects purity and subtlety and gold, as a symbol of inexhaustible energy and heat.

We used the principle of symmetrical arrangement of objects, as in the traditional classical style and complemented the interior with modern art objects that reflect the philosophy of our days. Many sources of soft light to unobtrusively emphasize the main accents in the rooms, as well as the contrast of dark and light tones, to create a harmonious palette in the interior.

Decor items of the world’s leading brands WALTER KNOLL, Delightfull, LUXXU and others found their place in this project. The main artistic element became the author’s abstraction from Catherine Severac, which rightfully took the key place in the main living room.

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