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Prune Chocolat


In this interior there is a mixture of two styles: classic, in the elegance of its shapes and lines, as well as modernity, which is displayed in colors and textures. The advantage of such design solution is its relevance for a long time in interior world trends.

The color palette of this project is rather multifaceted. Soft beige, shades of gray and the color of black slate and in details – coral and saturated amaranth.

A variety of designer lamps was provided by the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Branson, Vistosi, KARE and Elgo. We decided to dilute the soft and calm colors in the decoration of the walls with bright furniture and various decor items. Thus, the interior takes on a new, interesting interpretation. In addition, there are many natural materials, such as marble, wood and metal. The walls are decorated with Venetian plaster, which gives the interior a refined elegance.

Luxury and practicality, strict design and minimalism – this is the special magic of the style of modern classics.

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