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Burton Pink


This interior is an embodiment of low-key classics, where colors are played with delicate cream tones and shapes are attracted by the gracefulness and subtlety of faces. The warm lighting creates an atmosphere of luxury: a soft light that fights in the crystal drops of classical chandeliers, emphasizes textiles and the noble structure of wooden furniture. In the interior a lot of light tones, where each of them looks good in contrast to the dark floor. The strictness and symmetry of the furniture arrangement is softened by the textured finish, which adds to the interior a exquisite chic.

The elegance of the rooms is underscored by elements of decorative paintings and designer sculptures. They are appropriately located in each room and create a special, unique coziness.

A large area made it possible to zonate rooms very conveniently. There are several recreation areas, large bedrooms and spacious dressing rooms, a study, a play area and a swimming pool. In each room, we tried to bring a special individuality with the help of color accents and details. But, inspite of this, the interior of the whole house remains intact and the rooms are united by a single history.

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