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Art living


Modern design and rare art objects, timeless classics and modern experiments, light and shadow – here all this has merged into a interior symphony. Each meter in this apartment is designed to be the ideal home for a family of real aesthetes. This is a place where art finds a worthy place in everyday life.

In the heart of this interior  lay down personal collections of rare and world famous masterpieces of art objects of the apartment owners. The task was to create an interior at the junction between art space and modern comfortable housing. The interior was filled with the cult works of the Italian master of the 20th century Diego Giacometti, abstract paintings by the French abstractionist Simon Hantai. In other rooms, no less beautiful creations of the modern French brand Roche Bobois, along with the products of the traditional American factory Baker, ultramodern Flos lamps, mounted as a one together with the ceiling and floor, as well as many other interesting and unusual interior items.


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