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About ROSKO Family Design is a family interior design studio with over 10 years' experience and a rich portfolio with projects all over the world. Carrying out works with complexity of varying degrees - from cozy housing, to a large public premises, for us it is always remains unchanged high quality, professionalism and love to our work.

"The unlike is joined together, and from differences results the most beautiful harmony."


We love traditional interiors, they cover the whole wealth of proportions, the beauty of lines and shapes. This style is out of time and trends.

Our passion is modern art. It is capable of giving the interior a unique spirit, filling it with new meanings and ideas.

Our way is to find new solutions. Using the classical architectural foundation, we fill it with modern art and art objects.

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We are engaged in everything that is associated with the process of creating a design -beginning with the first sketches and ending with the final moment of given keys back to the Client with realized object.



We offer architectural design services for residential and commercial buildings and structures at all stages of design.



Realization of the conceived project requires as much participation as its preparation and development, and sometimes even more. This is a painstaking and important period, which we are happy to share with our Clients.

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